Upcoming Activities: Scribal, food & drink, archery, rapier

Monday March 12: 6 – 9 PM, Art at the Makerspace – Gouache and Shell Gold
Makerspace Urbana, 202 S Broadway Ave, IMC Basement Room #16, Urbana, IL 61801, USA

(Third time’s the charm? I have all the supplies, I have a location, and some folks who couldn’t make the previous runs can make it this week, knock on wood!)

Making your own gouache is quick and easy! Starting with finely ground earth pigments and gum arabic, you can make your own opaque but water-activated pots of gouache and shell gold for artistic works. Some kits will be available for purchase.
Age 13+. Free to make one color and one gold; $1 for additional colors/additional golds; $5 for a starter kit with some tools and materials to take home.
Saturday March 17th: Scribin’ and Imbibin’: A Monk’s Life
The fourth annual scribal arts and brewing event, Scribin’ and Imbibin’ is a fun event with several Caer Gwyntians making the trip and classes taught by Oswyn (cordials, vinegars, and mustards), Hrefna (Icelandic runes), and Lynette (tea and conversation). If you’d like a ride, check the Rideshare Board on the wiki and/or Facebook threads.
Also Saturday March 17th: Archery South
For those who can’t make the trip to Chicagoland, we’re on schedule to have Archery South in Effingham this weekend as well. Check Facebook for any updates.
Sunday March 18th: Rapier Practice
Stock Pavilion
This is our weekly rapier fight practice – every Sunday at this time and location. This is open to people of any skill or athleticism level. An instructor will be on hand teaching an intro/beginner course followed with one-on-one instruction, as well as loaner swords and protective equipment.
There will be instructional drills as well as free sparring – so you’ll learn how to swing a sword, then get a chance to do it! Males should wear an athletic cup, and both genders should wear sufficient clothing to leave no bare skin below the waist (long pants, tall socks, closed toe shoes). If you have any questions about attending, or are intending to bring someone under the age of 18 to learn, please contact Ursus at r.andrew.marks@gmail.com
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