Upcoming Activities: April 23-29

Monday April 23: 7 – 9 PM, Music Night at the Illini Union 
Illini Union, Fourth Floor, probably room 404
This is a month for musicians! Bring any instrument or medieval/renaissance sheet music you have. We will take inventory of the interests within our group and maybe have a little jam/singalong session. If there is enough demand, we may be able to pull together a Music Guild.
Everyone else is invited to bring a project or just hang out and enjoy any music that happens.
Saturday April 28: Archery South
Archery South is on the docket in Effingham. Check Facebook for any updates.
Saturday April 28: Awakenings in Bloomington
Where else can you go on an Armored Easter Egg Hunt, or watch a pink bunny in plate mail be devoured by a Tyrannosaurus Rex? (Photographic evidence provided!)
The schedule includes  Egg hunts for Armored & Rapier combatants, Tournament of the Courtier,  Contest for “Best Carnival Mask,” A&S Artisan’s Row, Archery & Thrown Weapons (weather permitting), Classes, and Bardic activities. 
Check the wiki and Facebook if you’re interested in carpooling!
Sunday April 29: Rapier Practice
Stock Pavilion
This is our weekly rapier fight practice – every Sunday at this time and location. This is open to people of any skill or athleticism level. An instructor will be on hand teaching an intro/beginner course followed with one-on-one instruction, as well as loaner swords and protective equipment.
There will be instructional drills as well as free sparring – so you’ll learn how to swing a sword, then get a chance to do it! Males should wear an athletic cup, and both genders should wear sufficient clothing to leave no bare skin below the waist (long pants, tall socks, closed toe shoes). If you have any questions about attending, or are intending to bring someone under the age of 18 to learn, please contact Ursus at r.andrew.marks@gmail.com.
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