Covid updates – 2022 March

Updates from the Kingdom Seneschal

Updates to Kingdom COVID guidance.

The CDC has updated the guidelines related to masking indoors, reflecting the fact that vaccination prevents hospitalization and death. With the changes in the CDC guidance for vaccinated individuals and the fact that none of the states covered by the Midrealm are enforcing indoor masking effective March 1st we are moving the Midrealm to Tier 2 mitigation effective March 7th. The one week delay is to allow Winter War Maneuvers to occur as planned and to give other groups time to take account of these changes.

Under tier 2 –

  • 1) Masks are optional at events indoors and out.
  • 2) Risk disclaimer must be posted at event and on website and all promotional flyers, preregistration and/or contact tracing is required per society policy – Society for Creative Anachronism (
  • 3) COVID Safe policy remains in effect, you must be vaccinated or show negative COVID test (at home antigen tests do not meet this requirement) Society for Creative Anachronism (
  • 4) There are no restrictions on food or drink service.

Requirements of warranted office

With the pandemic the officers of the midrealm were being lenient with reporting requirements however, as we come out of the pandemic it is more important than ever that we know what is going on. As a local warranted officer you should have a midrealm provided official email account, it will look like just like my account. This is an official email for your office and official announcements, emails and notifications will be sent to this address. It is therefore important that you as a local officer have access to this account. If you do NOT have access to your officiel email account please reach out to the midrealm helpdesk, they can help fix this. Then it is critical that you check your email at least weekly, so many problems could be avoided if we could just contact you.
The second requirement of an office is communication. Please fill out your quarterly reports, this will take less than 10-20 minutes of your time and helps us know what is going on at the local level.
If you fail to report for one quarter we will send a gentle reminder to you when you are late and copy your seneschal (if not a seneschal office), if you fail to report a second quarter we will send a warning to you and copy your seneschal. If you fail to report for a third quarter we will remove your warrant. At that time you will no longer be a sanctioned officer. If your office is required for the full functioning of your group this may put you into abeyance. We would rather this did not happen, which is why you get three quarters to fix your lack of reporting. If your group is struggling to fill officer positions or meet other group requirements please reach out to your Baronial or regional superior for help sooner rather than later. We generally don’t like surprises.

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