49th Maiden’s Classes

A&S Classes

Recent Changes:

Canceled: Cut Pile Carpet-Making | Youth Crafting

Added: What is the Kingdom A&S Faire? | Leveling Up your Japanese Garb

9am – 4pm

Crafter’s Green | Room 210

Bring your A&S Project to work on and share with fellow artisans in our Society. Or, stop by to see what other artisans are doing and chat about crafting! Limit: no fire or big messy things that would get us in trouble with the site. Spaces are first come, first served. Masteritsa Sofya Chyetc. will be around to take the fall if the floor turns blue or the curtains catch on fire.

Virtual Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium | Room 406

We will have the room set up as a participation space for this event, moderated by THL Marketa z Prahy. More information on the event: https://sites.google.com/view/vkwhss2024/ 


Youth Rapier Marshal Refresher Class | Room 209

Come learn about the new rulebook. This is required training for new youth rapier marshals. – THL Oda Umi-Dono DEMYR

The Game of Goose | Room 210

Learn how to play this period game with THL Strawberry (Mynwyn).

Improvisation for the SCA with Master Inchingham | Room 217

Master John Inchingham the Fool introduces newcomers to the wonders of improvisation and provides veteran performers with a chance to test their abilities. Improvisation is taught both as an art-form in and of itself and as a means of creating ideas for the aspiring bard (and for the seasoned tunesmith with writer’s block). The class is fun and informal. Come prepared to move and to make a fool of yourself!


Tablet Weaving Method: Double Face | Room 404

Intermediate tablet weaving class will use backstrap weaving setup to teach the basics of double-face tablet weaving. We will look at lettering and basic images. Class size limit: 8. We will have backstrap style setups available for use. – L Aldrin inn Gladi


Your Friend the Quince | Room 209

Learn all sorts of cool things about quinces with Kalinikos Gavras.

Youth Crafting | Room 211

Bring the kids to this class and they will make something fun with THL Dorcas the Lost.

Learning Songs: Midrealm Favorites | Room 217

Come join us as we practice some of Midrealm’s favorite songs! No experience required, new bards welcome!


Lunch with the Bards / Bard Meet-and-Greet

Come join us for conversation over lunch, meet other bards you might not know! Be sure to bring your own lunch!


Embroidery Salon | Room 404

Let’s hang out and stitch things! Limit 10-12. –THL Valya Abnikova doch’


Cut Pile Carpet-Making | Room 211 Canceled as of 1/16/24

Have you ever tried to make a carpet, but you just couldn’t quite cut it? This class is for you! –Branwen Scholastica, OL

Bardic Circle 101 / Ask the Bards | Room 217

Ever wonder what different kinds of bardic circles are like? Are you a new bard and curious about bardic circle etiquette? Just want to share your experiences in bardic circles? This class will cover these topics, and ask more experienced bards about their experiences. – L Tali Essen of the Isles

Leveling Up your Japanese Garb | Room 209

Are you interested in starting or advancing your Japanese Garb in the SCA? This class will go over differences between pre-1600 and modern Japanese garments, and where you can adapt to make your garb look more authentic and historical. – L Choi Min


What is the Kingdom A&S Faire? | Room 209

Confused by what the Kingdom A&S options are? Not sure where you should go or what you’re looking for? Come learn about three different A&S opportunities in the Midrealm, ask questions, and figure out where you’ll be most comfortable.
–Dame Roana Aldinoch and Midrealm Kingdom A&S Fair Coordinator


Painting Pearls and Jewels | Room 211

Is that a gem on your scroll? No, it’s paint! Learn this scribal technique from THL Cydeaux of Brittany. 

Smocking 101 | Room 404

Learn the basics of smocking. We’ll take flat fabric and turn it into decorative fine pleating for things like gathered necklines and other un-flat garby bits. Kit provided; donations accepted. Limit 6. –Peer Guenin de Vaucresson

Bardic Circle | Room 217

With no Post Revel what’s a bard to do? Have one before the event is over, of course! Come join us as we get in as much singing as we can before court. No SCAdian repertoire? Don’t worry! Bring what family-friendly songs you have, and explore Lady Tali’s Newcomer Songbook for some ideas! – L Tali Essen of the Isles


Poof! You are a Peer. Now what? | Room 209

Learn more about peerage in the SCA with Master Oswyn.

Contact: Sofya Chyudskaya Smolyanina at sofyachy@gmail.com

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