49th Maiden’s Heavy Tournament

Heavy Schedule

9:00 AM – Lists open and inspections begin 

At least one list will be open for warmups until 11am

9:30 AM – Authorizations begin 

First time authorizations will be ran before secondary authorizations.

10:00 AM – Unbelted Tournament  

Open to any fighter that is not a novice per the above and is not a member of the chivalry. This will be fought in Atlantian speed tourney style. Double kills in the winners bracket will send each fighter to the losers bracket. Double kills in the losers bracket will be refought.

10:00 AM or after all first time authorizations have completed – Novice Tournament

Open to any fighter who has not received an armored fighting award nor won a tournament. This will be a double elimination tournament. If numbers are small for this, each round will be best two of three.

11:00 AM – Traditional Maidens Open Pool tournament 

This will be between 6-8 pools of fighters in the tourney. Double kills in the pool rounds will count as a tie and not be refought. Double kills will be refought in the semis and the finals.  Numbers who advance and number of pools will be determined by the list person based on the fighter count. The final four fighters from the last pool round will face each other in best two or three in the semis and three of five in the finals. In the semis the first two will be matched weapons chosen by each fighter. If third is needed, it will be bring your best. In the finals the first four will chosen from these categories; Sword and Shield, Sword and Buckler, Two Handed Sword, Two Weapon, Polearm of matched lengths, spear of matched length, dagger and buckler, dagger. The fighter with the better score of the day will choose rounds 1 & 3. The fighter with the lower score will choose 2 & 4. If round 5 is needed, it is bring your best. No duplication allowed in rounds 1-4. Number of bouts in the semis and finals may be reduced if time is an issue.

2:00 PM – By this time or before 1-2 lists will be open for pickups.

3:30 PM – Lists shut down to clear hall for court. Hall must be cleared by 4pm.

Contact: Ixtilixochitl ix@terraefinis.org

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