49th Maiden’s Rapier Tournaments

Rapier Schedule

9:00 amList opens. Authorizations and Inspections
10:00 amA-game Tournament
11:00 amOpen lists after A-game Tournament
12:00 pm Lunch break
1:00 pmToN (Tournament of the Novice)
2:30 pmOpen lists
3:30 pmLists close.
4:00 pmAll equipment must be out from the Main Hall

Holding the List

Warder Titus Sharper and the Wednesday Company will be holding a portion of the lists all day for the 2nd Annual Maidens Charity Fights. Come and challenge to as many passes as you like! All proceeds go to the Pennsic Rapier Scholarship Fund. For each challengers first pass against any member of the Wednesday Company, $2 will be donated by the company to the fund. Each subsequent pass that a challenger would like to fight costs $1 donation to the fund. Bring your cash, help with a very worthy cause! Challengers of all skill levels are welcomed and encouraged.

A -Game Tournament

A double elimination Atlantian Speed Tourney style. Wounds are retained through all rounds! Spears and Cut& Thrust are allowed (if both participants agree and are properly equipped and authorized)

Tournament of the Novice

Patterned after the ToD Tournament of Defense, but reversed with an emphasis on novice fencers. Two feeder lines form on each side of the lists entrance. Line 1 will be those who do not have a Grant of Arms or higher fencing award. Line 2 will be those who have a GoA, Peerage, or equivalent skill level in fencing or cut & thrust. Participants in Line 1 will take the field and fight 3 passes each with two different fighters from Line 2. Fencers from Line 2 will rotate in and fight 3 passes with one fighter from Line 1. If conversations about techniques, skills, or generally “That was great!” moments wish to be continued then fencers may retire to the Coaching Corner. This event is open to all styles and weapon forms, including cut & thrust, spears, and non-metal experimental weapons (if both participants agree and are properly equipped and authorized)

Coaching Corner

The Coaching Corner, an area set aside for conversations and one-on-one mentoring, will be available all day.

Contact: Kurosawa Hayao joshvargasdesign@outlook.com

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