Marshal Activities

Located in the Illini ABC Rooms on the First Floor

Water/snacks will NOT be provided. Bring your own hydration (no alcohol). There are bottle filling stations on site.

Rapier/Cut & Thrust: Warder Gwynneth Verch Ieuan

9:00 AM – Lists open, authorizations and inspection
10:00 AM – Up and Comers Tournament – This tournament is open to all fencers who have not received a GoA level fencing award or higher. It will be a double elimination tournament speed tourney.
12:00 PM – A-Game Tournament – This tournament is open to all. It will be round robin pools feeding down to single elimination brackets. There will be a C&T pool.
2:00 PM – Pickup Tournament – This tournament is open to all. Everyone fights whomever they wish, but points will be awarded according to the award level of the defeated fencer – Novice (1 point), Cavendish Knot (2 points), Bronze Ring (4 points), and Master of Defense (8 points). The fencer in EACH track with the most points will be declared the winner.
3:00 PM – Lists close. Begin clearing space.
4:00 PM – Space must be totally vacated by 4pm for room change.

Cut & Thrust is allowed in all tournaments provided both combatants agree and are authorized.

Armored: Lady Thorunn (Rune) the Twisted & Sir Ix

9:00 AM – Lists open and inspections begin – One list will be open for pickups until the open tournament begins.
9:30 AM – Authorizations begin – First time authorizations will be ran before advanced authorizations.
10:00 AM – Novice Tournament Starts – Open to any fighter whose first authorization is after August 1, 2017 and has not received an armored fighting award or won a tournament. This will be a double elimination tournament. The start time for this will be delayed if needed to allow any first time authorizations to finish. If numbers are small for this, each round will be best two of three.
10:00 AM – Unbelted Tournament – Open to any fighter that is not a novice per the above and is not a member of the chivalry. This tournament will use two lists. The lists will be divided by armored fighting awards – Red Company and Golden Mace. Date of induction into the orders will determine the cutoff between the two lists. Each of two lists will be fought as a double elimination speed tournament until they are down to two fighters each. Those two fighters will advance to a final four where the loser of the lower bracket will face the winner of the higher bracket and the winner of the lower bracket will face the loser of the higher bracket in the first round. Those two winner will face each other in a final round.
11:30 AM – Traditional Maidens Open Pool tournament – This will be between 6-8 pools of fighters in the first pool. Numbers who advance and number of pools will be determined by the list person based on the fighter count. The final four fighters from the last pool round will face each other in best two or three in the semis and three of five in the finals. In each of those rounds all weapon styles must be matched and different per the agreement of the fighters. If the fighters can not agree the list person will decide on the styles in any manner they choose. Number of bouts in the finals may be reduced if time is an issue.

3:00 PM – All lists close. Begin clearing space.
4:00 PM – Space must be totally vacated by 4pm for room change.