The merchants will be located on the second floor in the large ballroom along with the Craftsperson’s Green and day camp space. A&S classes will also be held on the same floor in adjacent rooms. The area should be quite lively and well-trafficked!

Merchant Coordinator: Lady Ursul Wilhelm

Merchants Attending:

  • North Star Armoury: Jewelry, books
  • Earth and Loom: Hand-made pottery and wooden fiber tools
  • The Wellness Coven: Handcrafted, holistic and metaphysical items
  • The Rampant Strawberry’s Games and Khadagan’s Karavan: Games and glass animal beads and bottles; SCA thrift
  • Halden Creations: Jewelry in pearls and semi precious stones
  • WoolWeed: Handspun yarn, fiber, fiber arts
  • K&K Woodworks: Wood Puzzles, Decorative Items
  • Water Weasel MudWorks: Pottery
  • Sage & Prim: Handcrafted soap 
  • Shire of Narrental: Miscllaneous armor, books, spices and cookbook from shire of Narrental