Pizza, Princess, and Poking January 14!

Scene from The Princess Bride, via TheCHIVE
Scene from The Princess Bride, via TheCHIVE

January 14, we’ll be preparing our new and returning fencers for another Festival of Maidens – and celebrating with pizza and The Princess Bride!

Shire members, friends, family, and significant others are all invited and more than welcome to join us after practice (4pm) in the Stock Pavilion for free pizza and the best movie ever made.

Party on, Caer Gwynt!

Our Yule Moot was a huge success! Plenty of people showed up to fight rapier, shoot archery, learn how to make scroll cases, eat delicious food, exchange gifts, and generally have a great time.

Coming up next:

  1. Festival of Maidens 
  2. Lady Day Moot – March 4, 12-6:30pm – 500 Broadway Ave, Mattoon, IL 61938-4426 (same place as our previous Mattoon moots) – Facebook event
  3. Midsummer Moot – June 10 in Champaign (Location TBD) – Facebook event

Next baronial event: Caer Gwynt Yule Moot!

Our Michealmas (Fall) Moot was a great success — there was fencing, A&S, games, dancing, and feasting for everyone!

Join us for our annual Yule Moot, to be held Sunday, December 3, 12-6pm at the Stock Pavilion in Champaign.

Follow the Facebook event page for details as they develop…